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Fiberglass and Steel Exterior Doors

When it comes to exterior doors, there are many things that people consider – the door’s style, its durability, its energy efficiency, Building Code Compliancy, etc.

No matter where you are at in the decision making process, we can be of assistance. We can answer your questions about the various types and styles of doors, and we can help you find a door that matches what you have envisioned.

At AWG Custom Doors, we manufacture and stock both fiberglass and steel exterior doors assemblies. There are some basic differences between the two materials:

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are often known for their ability to stand up to years of use. They do not rust or dent, they can withstand temperature extremes much better than steel doors.

They can be manufactured in either smooth or wood grain styles. With the wood grain, they can even be stained to look like real woods and fir texture.

Steel Doors

Steel doors also provide great durability. They are strong, insulate well and are resistant to the elements of corrosion that typically affect wood doors, because they have a smooth finish and are typically easy to paint.

For more information about the styles and selection of exterior doors that we carry, please visit our showroom in Prince George or contact us. You can also view our selection of Masonite® exterior doors by browsing through their catalogue.

  • Smooth fiberglass doors offer all colour choices when you paint them, including black.
  • Steel doors cannot be painted black.
  • Please note that to maintain your warranty with the manufacturer, all doors are required to be painted on all 6 sides.

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