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Open Up Your Home with a New Garden Door or Sliding Door

If you are looking to add easy access to your yard or patio, consider having garden doors or a sliding door installed. Our experienced team at AWG Custom Doors can even help you install the model that you purchase.

We can add flair to the entrance of your garden by installing double doors from our supplier’s Elegance, Classic, or Traditional series. Whether you want a unique design style, a warm atmosphere, or a stylish and economical option, we have a double door that will match your garden and preference.

Making updates to your current patio doors can be a great option as well. You may be frustrated with how your current door performs or looks. A new door can add reliable functionality, updated style, increased energy efficiency and most importantly comfort.

Look through our showroom, located in Prince George, to see what models of swinging garden doors and sliding patio doors we have available.

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