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In-House Installation Services

AWG Custom Doors employs qualified in-house installers that ensure your satisfaction with our finished products. Our installers work all year long, giving customers the opportunity to save money in the winter by replacing doors and windows.

Most of the products that we offer are manufactured right in our own plant. This makes us adept and knowledgeable in the ever changing products and requirements of exterior doors. We go beyond meeting building codes, while always following best practice guides. We take pride in safety and leaving our job sites clean and free of construction debris.

We have performed all kinds of installations and have gained invaluable insight into tough jobs that make us stand out from our competitors. We’ve installed just about everything, including thousands of custom doors. We have also completed door renovations of all types and installations for folding wall systems and lift and slide doors. We can even help instruct you with any door finishing projects that you may have, including re-painting.

Partnering with CMHC

At AWG Custom Doors, we have worked closely with the Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation to develop a best-practice guide created to raise the bar for quality installations.

Our Partners

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